2011. december 23., péntek

Christmas Princess

It is just the same excitement every year - this is the most important day of the year. The biggest celebration. We are preparing for months, reading magazines how to make the nicest decoration, the most perfect cake, the best Christmas ever. And this is just one day. It passes so fast. So, don't miss the most important thing - being together with your loved ones!

2011. december 12., hétfő

The Christmas Stocking of the Princess

In Hungary there is no tradition of any Stockigng. We don't hang them above the fireplace. The Hungarian children gets their present right into their Boots. The children must to clean their boots with their own hands, and put it into the window. Santa Claus will visit every child in the evening of 6th of December. And who brings the present at Christmas Eve? The Angels. Yes, it's a bit different, but very nice.

2011. december 10., szombat

Christmas Fayre Princess

I love to go around the Christmas Fayre. It is like a little taste of the real Christmas Spirit. Christmas Carols, Punch, Gingerman and Lights everywhere. And of course a giant Christmas Tree. Oh, yes - this is alwasy crowdy. Everyone wants to feel the Christmas time a little earlier. In Budapest, there is the best Christmas Fayre in the world. You can buy a lot of good quality product, and despite of the chill you have a warm welcome.

2011. november 20., vasárnap

Angel Princess

Five weeks to Christmas - isn't is unbeliebavle? This is the best part of the year,and everybody waited so much - and at the end, it passes so quick. Disappointing. But you can have it a little longer, with the advent time. So, countuing backwards starts next Sunday! Time to prepare with the calendar and the decoration!

2011. november 19., szombat

Skating Princess

Nothing is more glamorous, than sliding on the ice on one leg, than jumpi9ng high and doing some piruette. Of course in my fantasie. The truth is - skating is pretty hard work. I know, because I started to learn skating 5 weeks ago with my princesses. Yes, it's a bit too late in my age as an absolutely beginner - but it seemed fun and the course was open to adults too. At first I didn't want to join - but standing besides the ice was too freezing and boring. And skating seemed really fun. That part is true. That is fantastic! Altough my muscles aching and I am horrified from falling over. So, I am far from sliding on one leg and I don't know any tricks. But one thing is sure - that is a jolly good sport!

2011. november 18., péntek

Sick Princess

Bad cough, slight fever - nothing serious, but my princesses stayed home today. The GP didn't give us any medicine, because it is an evil virus. So, I must use the old mummy pampering methods - warm tea, hot chicken soup, a lot of fairy tale and good books. That always helps. No wonder, after a copule of hours they felt better and played through happily the whole school-free day.

2011. november 17., csütörtök

The Hiding Princess

My favourite Princess is who was escaped into the wood, and hiding in an old tree. She lived among the animals, and has no dress, but she was not naked, because she could cover herself in her long hair. But one day, she met with the prince, who take her home, and of course gave her nice dresses. I was always fascinated about how can be anyone so poor, that she has to live without any dresses. How can she lost that all? How can she cover herself? And that is so exciting, that she met with her love naked... Anyway it is a great story, what do you think?

2011. november 16., szerda

Birthday Princess

As time goes by, birthdays are less and less important. But just for me. My daughters waited this day so much and were so excited. Choosing the presents, planning the celebration, making cards and drawings. And the cake! They wanted to bake one, but can not do it without my help, so finally they bought a plain one with daddy and decorate it with my favourute fruit: strawberry. After the dinner we went to a Museum what I choose - but everybody enjoyed that: the Black Country Museum. So, that was a lovely day.

2011. november 15., kedd

Medieval Princess

In England, you can not avoid the castles - they are everywhere, full with dungeons, dark secrets, high towers, jousting, knights. We love to visit these places. My little princesses pretend to be a real royal highness and emerge in their own fantasy world. They enjoy the real scene behing their fabulous acting. There is just one tiny problem - when we have to go home, they always comlapining, why don"t we live in a castle? What can I say? Sorry, darlings, but if you want to be a real princess, you have to merry a prince. It is funny, that in England, this a real possibility. William is already taken by Kate, but there is still a prince to left. :-)

2011. november 14., hétfő

Sailor Princess

In the Heart of England fran from the sea, sometimes I really miss the sea. The noise of the waves, the salty smell, the endless horizont. I took out some shells and put it next to my ear. I love the sound of it. Feels so heartwarming, and heartaching at the same time.

2011. november 13., vasárnap

Boot Princess

I bought a pair of new Welly for my Princesses - so they definitely needed a Boot Princess and a little rain! They were eager to try it on... but there is no rain, so they have to wait for a while. Not so much - after all, we are in England... :-)

2011. november 12., szombat

Bride Princess

This is every little girls' dream, isn't it? A long, beautiful white dress and an even longer veil. I know, there is not too much to colour in a white dress, but what can I say? My daughters loved to shade the little details -the boquet, the ribbon, the background and most of all, the bride's face and hair. They even coloured the dress with a white pencil - but I must admist, there is not much difference. Anyway, who cares? They see it, and just that counts!

2011. november 10., csütörtök

Egyptian Princess

My daughter learn about the antique Egyptians this year. So she had a lot of ideas about how a real women pharaoh shoul look like. Definitely with a lot of gold. That is understandable - she is not just a princess, but a living Godess.

2011. november 9., szerda

French Princess

This is my favourite epoche - the rococo. I love the big white wigs, the colourful materials and the generous size of the dresses. This is excatly how a princess should look alike. My daughter said, this must be all pink (with a lot of different shades) but it is not a must.

2011. november 7., hétfő

High Heel Princess

There is a strong connection between women and shoes - even the little girls know that. They just love to borrow my high heel shoes and I can do nothing against it. They adore to pretend to be like Mum. And you know, this is the nicest form of compliment. That is why they loved to colour and design their own princessy high heel shoes.

2011. november 6., vasárnap

Greek Princess

I always thought, that the robe of the ancient greeks was white. But actually I have checked a fashion history book, and turns out, there was a lot of colour in that times. Even the elegand, white temples were really colourful. Same with the tunics. So, use the whole rainbow, mainly the purple, the red, the blue and the green. Forget about picturing the boring, well-behaved nice white dresses - the life was much more colourful in that days!

2011. november 5., szombat

Cook Princess

If you think, there is nothing princessy in cooking, think it again. Since Nigella, every women would like to be a domestic godess. And she is rihgt: cooking can be fun. Especcially when you do cupcakes with a little bit of edible glitter. Have you ever tried it? That is awsome!

2011. szeptember 24., szombat

Space Princess

We visited the National Space Center in Leicester. Wow, that is an amazing place - even for girls! A lot to do and see! And the best part is, that you can upgrade your ticket to an annual pass for free! That means, we can come back again and again! No wonder, my princesses would like to be an astronaut today!

2011. augusztus 22., hétfő

Apple Princess

We can't spend a day without eating some apple. And there is a lot of different types, I just can't stop wonder! The colours, the shapes, the taste! Wow! We can never get bored of it. And picking apples is so much fun, especially you have your own orchard. Just see how it grow bigger and bigger, become ripe and tasteful. Can't wait to have a bite!


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