2012. május 1., kedd

Babysitter Princess

Sometimes it's very difficult to give a name for my princesses. They become alive and refuse to fits in a box to define them. It was especially difficult with this one. When I started to draw I hadn't got a define idea what kind of princess I'd like to make - I just let the character to form freely. First came the wind, than the long scarf and than the figure just needed a big-big bag. Probably from a Carpet. And this not to smiley but definitely frinedly face. And suddenly I realised - this is Mary Poppins, the best babysitter ever and one of my favourite characters!

2012. március 3., szombat

Hungarian Princess

I just adore the Hungarian folk costume - it is full with the finest hand made embroidery, needlework and it is very colourful. Wild reds, greens, blues, yellows make the soul smiling. And it fits for every figure - nice on the slim ones, and makes the curvy ones even more desirable. Unfortunately no Hungarian women wear these ones nowadays, just on parades or in the tourist shops.

2012. március 1., csütörtök

Music Princess

I always sing. Or hum. And I didn't even realise that I am doing it again. But I just have to since I was born. Luckily all my children loves to sing and dance just as much as I do. And they love when I sing for them. So there is just one person who feels sometimes bothered by our musical spirit. My husband, who'd like some silence. But with three children around us, there is no chance.

2012. február 27., hétfő

Freckless Princess

My ten years old daughter has beautiful skin. It's not a big deal - every ten years old has perfect skin. Bur hers is someting extraordinary. After just a little sunbath her skin became radiant light brown. As the sunshine became stronger, her little freckles became more visible. I find that just charming. And she loves her little spots too. I never understood how can somebody hate her own freckless, or call somebody names, when see a pretty face with these beauty marks. Its so vibrant, so lively and unique. So no doubt - I had to draw a princess with freckless too.

2012. február 5., vasárnap

Rose Princess

In Hungary we have the four traditional season. Cold winter, warm summer, rainy autumn and sunny spring. This winter a little bit extraordinary. Minus 25 Celsius is far more colder than the average Hungarian weather. The snow, and the ice is fun for a couple of days - but in February people are hoping, that the spring will come soon. I can't wait till the roses to see and smell. That's why I drew a rose princess today.

2011. december 23., péntek

Christmas Princess

It is just the same excitement every year - this is the most important day of the year. The biggest celebration. We are preparing for months, reading magazines how to make the nicest decoration, the most perfect cake, the best Christmas ever. And this is just one day. It passes so fast. So, don't miss the most important thing - being together with your loved ones!


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